Knotted Doll

Supplies List

-Print out pattern from Adobe Acrobat file located here

-14"x24" plus 6"x8" scraps for the body, I've used cotton velour and interlock knit but just about anything should do.

-6"x6" plus 6"x8" scraps for head, if you only have white scraps like me try tea dying for an ethnic doll.

-bits of poly fiber-fil (the original instructions say to use wool but I wanted the doll to be able to live through the washer and dryer)

-matching thread

-Very small hand sewing needle

*Make sure everything has been washed and dryed so it can live through lots of hugs, kisses and hot water washes*

Cutting and Marking

-Print out the pattern. Some of the text markings are not accurate so only pay attention to the bold cutting lines and the dotted basting lines around the neck and hands

-Trace out upper body, lower body, and hat on pattern tracing material (ie atternese, tissue paper, whatever). Attatch upper body to lower body at dotted line.

-fold 14x24" body fabric into fourths and cut out body by placing pattern piece on fabric-line up the folds with the upper arm and the center front of body.

-fold 6x8" hat fabric in half and cut out hat lining up straight long edge with fold

-transfer neck and hand basting lines to body using a water soluable pen or chalk pencil

The Head

-shread scraps of poly-fil (or wool) to fill the head. Make enough so when compressed into a ball it is 15cm in circumference.

-place the scraps in the center of the 6x6 square drawing up the sides taunt around it. Tie a knot with several threads or yarn (several pieces because when you pull on it tight you don't want it to break). This forms the head so make sure its round

-Now take the 6x8 piece of fabric for the skin and fold it longways right sides together, stitch the long edge using about a 1/4-3/8" seam.

-re-fold so seam is in the center and stitch accross top, turn right side out.

-insert head and smooth the fabric around it.

-using a needle and thread, stitch down the points. Don't stress about your stitching because this will be covered in the future with the little hat.

- now tie another thread around the base of the neck being sure everything is smooth and the head is good and round.

The Body

- fold body right sides togeth and stitch under arm and crouch seams.

-fold hat right sides together and stitch the curved back of hat.

-turn everything right sides out

- baste (by hand) along hand lines

-stuff hands with some extra stuffing and pull basting threads to form hand

-secure with a few small stitches (I actuallly stitch all the way around the hand again in about the same spots as the basting stitches to make it stronger and then do the securing stitches)

- tie knots at the end of the legs to form the feet. Roll the knot in your fingers to make the bulk of all that fabric a nice smaller knot. You'll have to roll in your fingers then stop and pull the little toe so you don't lose the knot then roll then pull......... hold the fabric just above the knot so you don't stretch the leg out too much and so you can give it a good pull

Attatching the Head

- Baste along the neckline.

--insert the head, lining up back of head seam with center back (I know the front and the backs are the same so just designate one side the back), now draw up the basting threads around the neck.

- using small stitches ,if you can, secure head to body.

*Note: you'll want to catch the base of the ruffle at the neck as well as the upper part of the ruffle. The first doll I didn't do this and after a few tugs the ruffle was all stretched out like a giraffe instead of tight up around the neck. I put the needle through the ruffle near the inner neck (through both upper and lower layers) then I run the needle through 2 or 3 of the ruffles, were the basting stitches lie, then back up through to the top of the ruffle. Then catch some of the head near the neck and go back down through the ruffles again. This holds the head in place and the ruffle in place as well. On this step more is more if you plan on the doll getting lots of love. Also I prefer to do small stitches all the way around the neck twice as opposed to packing lots of stitches close together and only going around once. *

- now turn the lower edge of the hat to the inside (oh about a 1/2 ") and place on head, making sure to line up the back seams

-secure with small stitches

Now let your little bugs give it lots of love!